HELLO EVERYONE, WELCOME TO WINNERS CHAPEL BIRMINGHAM. It is great to have you here today, and we trust God that you are going to have a fantastic time. If it is your first time at Winners Chapel Birmingham, ‘The Home of Signs and Wonders’, you are Welcome! Thank you for joining us today, please do not rush off after the service we have a short welcome reception just for you; we also thank everyone who invited someone to come in today. If you are a guest and you have kids, there is a safe facility for them where they can learn about God in their own way and their language. There is a Teens Church behind this Main Auditorium. You can speak with any of our officials if you need further guidance.

  1. THIS SERVICE! Today is our Covenant Family Day Service. Every siege of terminal sicknesses, disease, illness, misfortune and the agenda of untimely death shall be rolled away from you. God’s healing river of life we flowing to you, your family; bringing healing, health and wholeness to you. in Jesus mighty name! Amen.
  1. SEPTEMBER, PROPHETIC THEME/ BOOKS OF THE MONTH. The prophetic focus for September 2019 isJesus Christ The Healer Is Here’ – Matthew 4:23. Pick up for yourself and others the books of the month and other teaching materials that will prepare you for your testimonies at the Dominion Bookstores. The recommended books include *Keys to Divine Health *The Healing Balm *The Miracle Meal *Fulfilling Your Days authored by Bishop David O. Oyedepo. In addition *Rescued from Destruction *Healing, Health and Wholeness *The Power of the Communion Table *The Healing Ministry of Jesus Christ authored by Pst. Faith A. Oyedepo.
  1. MIDWEEK WORD, PRAYER AND COMMUNION SERVICES. The Wednesday, Midweek Communion Services will hold this Wednesday, 11th September 2019. We will wait on the Lord in fasting and prayers, and meet in the Church to break our fast with the communion. Come with your loved ones, family and friends for your unique healing and life-changing encounter. Time is from 6.30 pm to 8 pm. Be blessed as you attend!
  1. MOUNTAIN OF PRAYER PLATFORMS. Our Mountain of Prayer platforms includes:
  • Covenant Hour of Prayer (CHOP), holds this week Monday to Saturday 6am to 7am.
  • Pre-Service Intercession (PSI), holds 30 Minutes before all services.
  • Kingdom Advancement Prayer (KAP), holds every Tuesday. Time is 6.30pm to 8pm.
  • The Praying Youth (PY), uniting the youths through prayers which now holds every Thursday. Time is 6.30pm to 8pm.

Come with your specific request expecting divine encounters, and speedy answers, come contact the revival fire all within the Church Main Auditorium. Be blessed

  1. FOLLOW UP OF NEW CONVERTS. Every member is admonished to ensure intense personal follow up of their new converts among others, through personal contact, telephone calls, SMS and all available social media platforms and making a personal commitment to ensure we assist all those who may have transportation needs to Church as God enables each of us.
  2. WINNING FOUNDATION CLASS, HOLY GHOST AND WATER BAPTISM. This is a special one-time class for all New Members, New Converts, and First Timers and for any member who has not gone through this class, where they are taught the Christian living keys will result to their victorious living, empowerment, and establishment in the faith and this Church. This will holds today (being the Second Sunday of the month) and last Saturday(s) of every month, from 10:30 am – 12:15 pm. The Holy Ghost and Water Baptism take place at the same time, all within the Church premises. All who have not attended the School, or have not been baptised in water by immersion and in the Holy Ghost with evidence of speaking in tongues is to come with a change of clothing and partake of this vital demand.
  3. FELLOWSHIP WITH US THIS SATURDAY. The cell fellowship our spiritual growth, care and leadership development centre will hold this coming Saturday from 5 pm to 6 pm in several locations across Birmingham and its environs. So, locate the one closest to you and attend. Similarly, all cell ministers and members are encouraged to engage in 15 Minutes every Saturday Preparatory W.S.F. Mobilisation from 4:45 pm to 5:00 pm, mobilising all their contacts, neighbours and members to their Cell meetings. Ensure you attend this meeting.
  4. COUNSELLING HOURS AND RESCUE LINES. The Church Office is open for counselling sessions, from Monday to Friday between 12 noon and 4 pm. Those who want to see our Pastors should kindly do so on the appointed days. You can reach the pastors on these exclusively dedicated telephone lines as shown on the screen for urgent attention during the week (07930132916, 07428168249, and 07506661906). Also, for all suggestions, contributions, challenges and prayers as it relates to you and the Church, you can send email to the Pastor at
  5. SHARE OUR STRIKING TESTIMONIES AND MAIL SUBSCRIPTION. All who have striking testimonies as a result of God’s faithfulness this season are encouraged to keep sharing them on the Main Altar; W.S.F. Cell Centres and also send such via email at or via the Pastoral WhatsApp line +44(0)7950353584. Also, subscribe to our emails, announcements, updates and news bulletins on our Church website –
  6. OUR GIVING COVENANT OBLIGATIONS.Be reminded to fulfil your covenant obligations using the offering cards and envelope in the payment of our Tithes; Worship offering; Birmingham Church Project Seed, Transportation Seed, Vows and other commitments. All cheques are to be made payable to World Mission Agency. You will never lack in Jesus mighty Name! Amen.
  7. SAFETY AND SECURITY OF OUR ITEMS. Our bags and belongings should not be left unattended at any time for the safety and security of our items. No one should be found loitering in the Church Office block, and facility. Where we notice suspicious movements, alert the security personnel and or any other staff. Meanwhile, in case you recently lost personal items within the Church premises like writing pads, bibles, etc. Kindly, check at the protocol stand to recover the item(s). In due course, unclaimed items will become charitable.
  8. NEXT SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 15TH, 2019 SERVICE. Next Sunday, September 15th 2019 shall be our ‘Special Anointing Service/ Covenant Day of Restoration’. Come with your own bottle of oil, converts, loved ones and invite anyone sick, oppressed, ill, under the bondage of afflictions to any of the three services of your for a restoration encounter. The service schedule is as usual 30 am, 10.30 am and 12.30 pm. Be there!
  9. CONNECT WITH US. Stay connected and informed about our activities via our social media, @WCIBUK and read inspiring blog/sermon post on the Church website at