1. WELCOME TO OUR 2018, INTERNATIONAL END OF YEAR THANKSGIVING Praise the Lord! Our New Dawn 2018 has been a year of massive breakthroughs, testimonies, multiple change of levels, provisions, preservation and divine agenda fulfilment and; we give God thanks for His unusual and unique presence in our midst, which has been evident in the diverse instant encounters, signs, wonders, and miracles in the lives of all members. As we have come to return all the glory to God and to thank him, our leftover 2018 balance of blessings shall be delivered to us all. The impact of this prophetic year will continue to speak in our lives many years to come! AMEN. 
  1. 2018, YEAR – END EMPOWERMENT RETREAT. The three (3) days Year-End Empowerment Retreat with theme as ‘Walking with God’ concluded yesterday gloriously with attending testimonies of the impact and the huge success of all the sessions. And because whatever God does is forever, every participant will live to see and experience supernatural result and testimonies in their lives, family, career and businesses in Jesus name! 
  1. 2018, CROSS OVER SERVICE. This shall come up tomorrow Monday, 31st December with God’s servant, Bishop David Oyedepo ushering us into the New Year with prophetic blessings. The mystery of Feet Washing shall be administered. So come along with your family members and loved ones. Time is 9:00PM (UK time) till dawn. 
  1. COVENANT HOUR OF PRAYER (CHOP). This will continue tomorrow, Monday till Saturday at 6AM to 7AM in the Church Auditorium except for Tuesday, 1st January 2019 due to Crossover Service. All members are to ensure we are a part of this prayer platform for our supernatural upliftment and encounters. Time is 6AM till 7AM.
  1. WEDNESDAY, MID WEEK SERVICE. The first Midweek service shall hold on Wednesday, 2nd January, 2019. We’ll wait on the Lord in a fast, and gather to pray in the evening. Invite and come with your friends, family, loved one and partake of the Communion table. Service time is from 30PM to 8PM. 
  1. WINNERS SATELLITE FELLOWSHIP (WSF). Our house to house fellowship (WSF) will holds next Saturday 5th January 2018 from 5PM to 6PM. To find a Centre near you, contact the WSF Central team, Notice board and or ask at the Protocol Stand/ Front Office Desk. Time is 5PM till 6PM. 
  1. TEENS AND CHILDREN’S CHURCH SERVICES. All Parents and Guardians, are to encourage to mandate our teenagers; Ages 13yrs to 19yrs to attend the Teens Church Services which holds simultaneously at the Teens Church during the third Service (at 12.30PM) and our Children; Ages 2yrs to 12yrs are to attend the Children Church Services in any of our three (3) Services. All Parents, Guardian and teachers are reminded that the Children Church reopens and resume back on Sunday, 13th January 2019. All parents and guardians are to ensure our Children and Wards are cared for, and maintain order during their breaks in the main auditorium. 
  1. 2019, COMMENDATION AND AWARD DINNER (CAD) NIGHT. Our 2019 CAD Night have be rescheduled to NOW hold on Saturday, 2nd February 2019 from 6PM till 9PM at a New Event Centre to ensure all our Workers and invites have the best of time and value experience at the event. All our invited key Officials – Pastors, Elders, Deacons, Deaconesses, Statutory Body Members, Cell Operators, Church Workers and etc. are to kindly take note of this new development. We value, appreciate and celebrate all our Staff, Leaders, and Workers. Ensure you confirm and book your seat with organisers. Doors will open at 5:30 PM. You can’t afford to miss out. 
  1. NEXT SUNDAY SERVICE. Next Sunday, 6th January 2019 shall be a Special Communion Service. It’ll be communion strength, as we go in the strength of the meal in view the upcoming 21 days of prayer and fasting which is scheduled to commence on Monday, 7th January to Sunday, 27th January 2019. Come to any of the three services as usual i.e. 30AM, 10.30AM, 12.30PM with your friends and loved ones for a life transforming and, destiny moulding Word.
  2. SEASON GREETINGS TO YOU ALL. It is our Season of Dominion, Happy New Year in advance in Jesus name! Amen.