1. LEADERSHIP EMPOWERMENT SUMMIT.The Leadership Empowerment Summit shall hold this Saturday 1st September 2018, the later part of which shall be transmitted live from Canaanland for prophetic blessing.Kindly note that the Covenant Hour of prayer shall be blended and combined with the Summit. All Pastors, Cell ministers, Elders, Deacons and Deaconesses, Service Unit Leaders and all Church Workers are expected to be in attendance.Time is 9.00AM to 11.30AM this Saturday.
  2. YOU’RE WELCOME TO OUR SUNDAY SERVICE at Winners’ Chapel International, Birmingham. The Prophetic focus for the month remains I am Redeemed for Exploits’ – Dan. 11:32 and to benefit fully from this prophetic focus, look out for the books of the month of August 2018 as well as CDs, MP3’s, DVDs and other materials at the Dominion Bookstore in the foyer.
  3. COVENANT HOUR OF PRAYER (CHOP) continues tomorrow Monday to Friday at 6AM to 7AM and, on Saturday from 8.30AM to 10AM. Come for your spiritual enhancement and encounter fresh revival fire.
  4. MEMBERSHIP AND FOUNDATION CLASS. This special one-time class holds every 2nd Service at 10:30AM for all New Converts, Members and those yet to attend the class. This is a very important platform for our spiritual empowerment that will result in victorious living. Hence, all members are to give their converts and first-time worshippers 10-15 minutes for a brief welcome charge immediately after each service and encourage them to attend the Membership and Foundation Class during the 2nd Service every Sunday.
  5. HOLY GHOST AND WATER BAPTISM. Please register at the Protocol Stand for the next Holy Ghost baptism session, taking place at the Teens Church today. Similarly, all New converts and Members who are yet to be baptised by full immersion in water are to prepare and come with a change of clothing to be fully baptized on Saturday 8th and 22nd September 2018.
  6. NEXT MIDWEEK PRAYERS, TEACHING AND COMMUNION SERVICE shall hold as usual as we gather for evening intercessions. Be reminded to wait on the Lord in a fast to take delivery of your blessings at the Communion table. Come along with your new converts and other invitees. Time is 6:30PM.
  7. WOFBI BCC REGISTRATION IS ONGOING. The Last WOFBI BCC Session for Birmingham Learning Centre shall hold from 24th to 29th September 2018. Therefore, all prospective BCC Students should pick their forms from the Front Office. Full scholarship is available for all New Converts and Members of the year, including other members who desire to go through the course! Refreshment and Crèche facility will be provided. All WOFBI enquiries should be sent to
  8. SUMMER JUNIOR BIBLE SCHOOL [SJBS] CONTINUES TOMORROW, Monday Bank Holiday, 27th and concludes this Friday, 31st August 2018. Time is 9.30AM till 4PM, starting with morning devotion and rounding off with the Daily Activity Session. Parents are to ensure the children arrive on time for their accelerated spiritual growth, leading to their change of story.
  9. CHURCH FAMILY AND FRIENDS FUN DAY. Good News! Our Annual Church family and friends Day Out for the Church holds this weekend, Saturday 1st September 2018. Time is 12PM till 5PM. All members are to prepare and come with light refreshment, such as snacks, drinks or whatever you have to share with friends, families, and loved ones as we gather together for a great fun-fair time. The venue is Harry Mitchell Leisure Centre, Broomfield Smethwick B67 7DH. The event will feature music presentations, children’s play, and sports competition, with many prizes and goodies to be won. For further information please contact the committee at the deacon board stand.
  10. WCI BIRMINGHAM SERVICE SUPPLIERS. WMA – WCI Birmingham is seeking to register caterers, suppliers and contractors in all fields within the Church to provide services to the commission and its various arms. Interested service providers should pick up registration forms and return same filled to the Front Office desk on or before Sunday the 16th of September 2018. A date for interview and screening will be announced later. Kindly note that anyone not registered and certified will not be allowed to render services to WMA-WCI Birmingham, within her premises or at event venues. For more information on terms, conditions and other requirements, please contact Thanks for complying.
  11. JOIN THE WINNERS’ SATELLITE FELLOWSHIP (WSF) NEXT SATURDAY at the cell nearest to your home. Come with your invitees and ensure your new converts also attend at their various locations. Kindly pick a copy of the WSF Directory from the Ushers or Protocol to locate the cell nearest to your home. Time is 5PM.
  12. KINGDOM INVESTMENT. You are admonished to pay your tithe(s) and other financial pledges, vows and commitments you have made to the Lord.
  13. VOLUNTEER WORKERS are required for the Church Office front desk and Membership Follow-Up matters. All interested members should provide their details at the desk ASAP. Be blessed as you engage.
  14. LOST BUT FOUND ITEMS! In case you recently lost personal items in church like writing pads, bibles, etc. Kindly check at the protocol stand. All unclaimed items will be donated to charities in due course.
  15. STRIKING TESTIMONIES.There is no doubt that God is visiting every member with striking testimonies. All who have striking testimonies as a result of their soul winning and other kingdom advancement endeavours are encouraged to share them on the Main Altar, or WSF centre and send such to: or via WhatsApp to the Pastoral line on 07950353584.
  16. WINNERS CHAPEL INTERNATIONAL BIRMINGHAM IS CURRENTLY ENLISTING MULTI-TECH, MEDIA AND WEB SPECIALISTS. Are you tech, and skilled in any area of audio-visual and online media? Kindly drop your contact at the information and protocol desk or send an email indicating your interest to: to join the Birmingham Technical, Media and Social Media team towards our Online Church.
  17. CONNECT WITH US. Members are encouraged to visit the Church Website, Facebook, twitter, and other social media platforms for up to date information about church programmes and spiritual inspiration.
  18. NEXT SUNDAY 2ND SEPTEMBER 2018 AT WCI BIRMINGHAM SHALL BE OUR PROPHETIC ENTRANCE WHICH DOUBLES AS OUR MARITAL BREAKTHROUGH BANQUET SERVICE. Endeavour to come with your family members, new converts and other invitees. Service time is as usual – 1st Service – 8:30AM; 2nd Service – 10:30AM & 3rd Service – 12:30PM.