1. WELCOME TO OUR SERVICE AT WCI BIRMINGHAM. The prophetic focus for the month isI Will Restore Health Unto You’ – Jer. 30:17 and to benefit fully from this prophetic focus, look out for these recommended books of the month of September 2018 authored by Bishop David O. Oyedepo and Pst. Faith A. Oyedepo: * Keys to Divine Health * Rescued from Destruction * The Healing Balm * Healing, Health and Wholeness * The Miracle Meal * The Power of the Communion Table * Fulfilling Your Days *The Healing Ministry of Jesus Christ as well as CDs, MP3’s, DVDs and other materials at the Dominion Bookstore. Change your reading habits, and you will change your life! 
  1. REGISTER 12 STANDING SOULS. “Praise the Lord! In the pursuit of the last phase of our Church growth mandate for the year 2018, every Winner must be determined to register their twelve (12) standing souls both in the kingdom and in this Church on or before October 7, 2018 (John 14:12). In the light of the above, every Winner must,
  • Be determined to fill your cloud of stewardship in the course of this Operation, so you can come under the showers of blessing (Eccl 11:3/5);
  • Be determined to secure God’s commendation in the course of this Operation for your spiritual change of position (Luke 19:17-18);
  • Be determined to reach God’s benchmark of many for the rising of your Star (Dan. 12:3, Luke 12:48-49);
  • Be determined to bring at least one additional soul to Church every Sunday between now and October 7, 2018. 

As we engage with this last instruction of bringing one additional soul every Sunday in the remaining weeks of Operation By All Means, we’ll be honoured, and emerge tops in our endeavours and reign in life with Christ! Amen. 

  1. OPERATION BY ALL MEANS. In fulfilment of Operation by All Means this third (3rd) week; kindly note that we are to carry on with our Soul Winning endeavours both as individuals and in partnership from our respective homes, in our offices, on shopping and on our way to work, during breaks at work and or back from work, etc.
  • MORNING AND EVENING RAIDS continues tomorrow (Monday and Friday) and the meeting time is 8am – 10am and 6 – 7pm respectively. Specially, for all our Senior Citizen, retirees, house wives, Nursing Mothers and those in line for Miracle Jobs are to be involved in the Prayer Raid.
  • OPERATION BY ALL MEANS MASS OUTREACH holds this weekend, Saturday 22nd September 2018. Time is 10am – 12pm. All members are encouraged to be part of this Weekend’s Mass Outreach. The Meeting Point for both Operation By All Means Outreaches for this week is the Church. 
  1. COVENANT HOUR OF PRAYER (CHOP). The Covenant Hour of Prayer is a platform for securing daily victory through intense prayers and supplications. Every member is to attend from 6AM to 7AM (Monday to Saturday) for our spiritual edification, and maintain the revival fire. 
  1. MEMBERSHIP AND FOUNDATION CLASS. This is a special one-time platform through which all new converts, new worshippers and those yet to attend are taught Christian living fundamentals resulting in their empowerment, victorious living and establishing them in the faith and Church. All members are to give their converts and invitees 10-15 minutes for a brief welcome word after each service and encourage them to attend the Membership and Foundation Class. All who are yet to attend are admonished to attend today, during the 2nd Service every Sunday at 10:30AM.
  1. HOLY GHOST AND WATER BAPTISM. Please register at the Protocol Stand for the next Holy Ghost baptism session. Similarly, all New Converts and Members who are yet to be baptised by full immersion in water are to prepare and come with a change of clothing to be fully baptized on Saturday, 22nd September 2018. Time is 12PM.                                             
  2. WEDNESDAY MIDWEEK COMMUNION SERVICE. Next Wednesday being the third Midweek Service of the month, we shall be waiting on the Lord in a fast and gather in the evening to intercede and partake of the Communion table for answers to all our healing, health and wholeness quest. Time is 6.30PM till 8PM. Be blessed as you attend! 
  1. WINNERS’ SATELLITE FELLOWSHIP EVERY SATURDAY. As scripture admonishes us not to forsake the gathering of the brethren, every Winner is encouraged to attend the Winners Satellite fellowship next Saturday at WSF cell centres closest to our home. Ensure your invitees and new converts also attend at their various locations. Kindly pick a copy of the WSF Directory from the Ushers or Protocol to locate the cell nearest to your home. Time is 5PM.
  1. EXPRESSION OF BUSINESS INTEREST (EOBI). Be reminded, that WMA- WCI Birmingham has invites business owners, service suppliers and contractors in all fields within the Church to submit an Expression of Business Interest (EOBI) in the following areas;
  • Supplying of Vending Machines
  • Provision of Bus, Cleaning and or Food / Catering Services
  • Provision of Building Services; Heating and Cooling Installation Services
  • Also inclusive of Interior Decoration Services and M&E Installation or consultancy Services and etc.

Interested service providers should pick up registration form and return it filled, to the Front Office desk. Deadline for submission of EOBI is now on or before the extended date of 30th September 2018. A date for interview and screening will be announced later. Please note that ONLY the responses received will be shortlisted for subsequent tendering and rendering services to within WCI Birmingham premises or at event venues. For more information on terms, conditions and other requirements, please contact

  1. ENLISTMENT OF MISSIONARY PASTORS (FULL TIME). World Mission Agency – Winners Chapel International (WMA-WCI) is currently seeking the enlistment of Missionary Pastors on full time basis. Appointed individual may be required to work in any of the WMA-WCI Stations Worldwide. Interested candidates should download application pack from our web site and return completed application with full CV with a written brief of their vision to The closing date is Sunday 30 September 2018. 
  1. KINGDOM INVESTMENT. Giving is key to open heaven for financial abundance. Every member must therefore ensure the payment of his/her tithe, vows and other financial commitments made to the Lord. The use of cheques made payable to “World Mission Agency” is encouraged.
  1. WINNERS CHAPEL INTERNATIONAL BIRMINGHAM IS CURRENTLY ENLISTING MULTI-TECH, MEDIA AND WEB SPECIALISTS. Are you tech, and skilled in any area of audio-visual and online media? Kindly drop your contact at the information and protocol desk or send an email indicating your interest to: to join the Birmingham Technical, Media and Social Media team towards our Online Church.
  1. VOLUNTEER WORKERS are required for the Church Office front desk and Membership Follow-Up matters. All interested members should provide their details at the desk ASAP. Be blessed as you engage.
  1. LOST BUT FOUND ITEMS! In case you recently lost personal items in church like writing pads, bibles, etc. Kindly check at the protocol stand. All unclaimed items will be donated to charities in due course.
  2. STRIKING TESTIMONIES.There is no doubt that God is visiting every member with striking testimonies. All who have striking testimonies as a result of their soul winning and other kingdom advancement endeavours are encouraged to share them on the Main Altar, or WSF centre and send such to: or via WhatsApp to the Pastoral line on 07950353584. 
  1. CONNECT WITH US. Members are encouraged to visit the Church Website, Facebook, twitter, and other social media platforms for up to date information about church programmes and spiritual inspiration. 
  1. OPERATION BY ALL MEANS SPECIAL BRIEF FOR WORKERS. There shall be a Special Operation By All Means Workers’ Brief today Sunday, after the 3rd It’s mandatory for all Statutory bodies’ members, Ordained and Church workers in the Auditorium. Ensure you’re there. 
  1. COVENANY DAY OF FRUITFULNESS SERVICE. Next Sunday, we shall be gathered together for our Covenant Day of Fruitfulness service. You’re to come prepared with your prayer requests and endeavour to come as well as with your family members, new converts and invitees. Be reminded, every Sunday shall be an Acts. 13:44 order of Sunday in this Church! And come October 7th 2018, Operation by All Means prophetic shall be a reality in all our assemblies worldwide in Jesus name! Amen. Service time is as usual; 1st Service – 8:30AM, 2nd – 10:30AM & 3rd – 12:30PM.