1. PRAISE THE LORD! Winners Chapel International Birmingham welcomes every Member and all our 1st Time Worshippers to the ‘Home of Signs and Wonders.’ Today is our Special Anointing/ Turnaround Service; you’ll be anointed for Financial Dominion. We’re also all admonished to utilize the remaining part of today after service to engage in searching of scriptures, meditation, prayers, praise and thanksgiving for full delivery of our desires. We are expected to pray and break our fast in the evening later today at our homes, workstation, and etc. with the communion table.
  2. OUR 21 DAYS OF PRAYER & FASTING FOR 2018. Our on-going prayer and fasting enters its fourteenth (14th) day today, and ends this coming Sunday, the 27th January 2019. We must all endeavour to make the most of the last week of this prayer and fasting season. Every divine agenda speaks loudest at the end (Hab. 2:1-3). Therefore, this last week must be everybody’s week (Jhn. 7:37-38). Everyone must endeavour to pray the payer that must be answered as Elijah did (1 Kgs. 18:41-46). We should expect every of our prayer items to return as testimonies, because we serve a prayer answering God, in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
  3. COVENANT HOUR OF PRAYER (CHOP), this continues tomorrow, Monday till Friday from 6AM to 7AM in the Main Auditorium. Every Winner is admonished to take advantage of this last week to press through with their desires.
  4. DAILY EVENING SERVICE. Be reminded, our fasting and prayers continues till the 27th January 2019 and, we shall continue our daily evening service at Church Auditorium tomorrow, Monday to Thursday. Time is 6.30PM to 8PM.
  5. SPECIAL HEALING SERVICE. The Special Healing Service will hold this Tuesday for the purpose of ministering to healing need of members and everyone under the bondage of sickness, diseases and afflictions. Invite the afflicted in our neighbourhood and workplaces to come and supernaturally encounter God’s Word, Presence and Power that confronts any kind of afflictions. All attendees are to attend with heartfelt expectation, desperation and seeking to be touched, healed, and made whole. Time is 10AM till 12PM. Spread this good news!
  6. ONE NIGHT WITH THE KING. The last ‘One Night with King’ comes up this Friday, 25th January 2019. Time is 10PM to 4AM (UK TIME).This shall be broadcasted LIVE in the Church Main Auditorium. Remember God always reserves the best for the last. As we all know, prayer is never answered until thanksgiving is offered. We’ll all come, putting on our garment of praise to celebrate our God, as we further harvest answers to all our prayers.
  7. WINNERS’ SATELLITE FELLOWSHIP, our house fellowship will hold on Saturday, 26th January 2019 from 5PM to 6PM. Kindly note that on Saturday at our WSF Centres, we shall engage in intercession and break our fast with communion. To find a Centre near you, contact the Church Office or ask at the Protocol Stand/ Front Office Desk.
  8. RELEVANT PUBLICATIONS. All members are encouraged to make use of the various publications i.e. 2019 Winners’ Personalised Prophetic Declaration, 2019 Intercessory Prayer guidelines, Welcome to 2019 the Beginning of our Era of Dominion Publications, Expectation books and all recently distributed relevant intercessory materials such as: 2019 Church Growth Mandate, Fruitful Outreaches, Prayer for Church Members, New Converts Retention, Vengeance towards Continuous Church Growth, etc. to enhance precision during the personal prayer session this season.
  9. YOUTH ALIVE SPECIAL PRAYER CONGRESS. The 2nd Special Youth Alive Prayer Congress tagged ‘Fresh Fire to Soar’ shall hold today immediately after the 3rd Service and to end around 3PM. This prayer platform will surely terminate every form of stagnation, humiliation, shame, pain, deliver our much-awaited New Dawn desires and spiritually position every youth for 2019. Kindly note, all youths, singles, married and working class youth and interested members are admonished to participate fully and attend the Prayer Congress this last week of our fasting season.
  10. 1st WATER BAPTISM FOR 2019. This will take place today, Sunday 20th and next Sunday, 27th January 2019. The Water Baptism ratifies our salvation, so all members who are yet to be baptized by immersion since they believed are required to partake of this vital mystery and take advantage of this opportunity by registering their interest today at the protocol stand. Time is after all the 3 Services. Bring a change of clothing on the day.
  11. TEENS AND CHILDREN’S CHURCH SERVICES. All Parents and Guardians are to mandate our teenagers; Ages 13yrs to 19yrs to attend the Teens Church Services which holds simultaneously at the Teens Church during the third Service (at 12.30PM). Also, our Children ages 2yrs to 12yrs are to attend the Children Church Services in any of the Services.
  12. 2019, COMMENDATION AND AWARD DINNER (CAD) NIGHT. Our 2019 CAD Night shall hold on Saturday, 2nd February 2019 from 6PM till 9PM at an Event Centre to ensure all our Workers and invitees have the best of time and, value for money experience at this year’s event. All our invited key officials – i.e. Pastors, Elders, Deacons, Deaconesses, Statutory Body Members, Cell Operators, Church Workers and etc. are to take note of this. Ensure you confirm and book your seat with organisers. Doors will open at 5:30 PM. You can’t afford to miss out.
  13. BOOK OF THE MONTH AND MATERIALS FOR OUR SPIRITUAL GROWTH. Pick up the recommended books of the month and other teaching materials that will prepare you for your Dominion testimonies at the Dominion Bookstore authored by Bishop David Oyedepo which includes: *Winning Prayer *Satan Get Lost *Born to Win.
  14. GOODNEWS! Next Sunday 27th of January 2019, being the last Sunday of these 21 days of prayer and fasting, shall be a Special Service through the Word. Come with all your faith to step and take full delivery of your Dominion prophetic package for the year (Isa. 58:6, 8). The Service times are: 8.30AM, 10.30AM, 12:30PM. Come with families, friends, loved ones or at least one soul to Church; expecting an encounter with the prophetic word and power.
  15. APPOINTMENT WITH THE RESIDENT PASTOR. You can book counselling sessions and other appointments with the Resident Pastor through the Office Staff at the Front Office Desk. All appointments should be for Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays between 11AM and 3PM. For all suggestions, contributions, challenges and prayers as it relates to you and the Church; kindly email the Resident Pastor at BIRMINGHAM.RP@WINNERS-CHAPEL.ORG.UK.
  16. SAFETY AND SECURITY OF OUR ITEMS. Our bags and belongings should not be left unattended at any time for safety and security of our items. No one should be found loitering in the Church Office block, and facility. If suspicious movement is noticed, alert the security personnel and or any other staff. Meanwhile, in case you recently lost personal items within the Church premises like writing pads, bibles, etc. Kindly, check at the protocol stand to recover the item(s). All unclaimed items will be donated to charities in due course.
  17. ENLISTING MULTI-TECH, MEDIA AND WEB SPECIALISTS. Are you tech, and skilled in any area of audio-visual and online media? Kindly join the Birmingham Technical, Media and Social Media team towards our Online Church. Or send an email indicating your interest to: INFO.BIRMINGHAM@WINNERS-CHAPEL.ORG.UK.
  18. CONNECT WITH US. Members are encouraged to visit the Church Website, Facebook, twitter, and other social media platforms for up to date information about church programmes and, for spiritual inspiration.
  19. KINGDOM INVESTMENT. Giving is key to open heaven for financial abundance. Every member must therefore ensure the payment of his/her tithe, vows and other financial commitments made to the Lord. The use of cheques made payable to “WORLD MISSION AGENCY” is encouraged.
  20. SENIOR CITIZEN & ELDERS FORUM. The Senior Citizens and Elders Forum was flagged-off last week Sunday. All Senior Citizens and Elderly Members Ages 55 and above are admonished and expected to be to be part of the Forum and their meetings. Meeting days will be communicated in due course. Be blessed as you attend.
  21. BUS PILOT RECRUITMENT. The Transport Unit is currently recruiting Bus Pilots to join the unit and ensure they’ve adequate resources to continuously convey Church members to and fro the Church premises, via our designated routes across Birmingham. Interested Persons should register at the WSF Stand at the foyer or at Deacon Board table. Meanwhile, the Bus Transportation routes are currently being reviewed, please fill the transportation request form to indicate your transport needs and request with the team also at the stand.
  22. NEW BUS TRANSPORTATION SERVICE ROUTES. These routes have commenced across our WSF Cell Clusters, Zones and major roads. This is to assist in bringing the transportation provision closer to us; details of the various routes available for Pick at the protocol stand on the Bus Route leaflet. Meanwhile, all car owners are encouraged to register their cars as ‘Chariots of Light’, and drive through the routes when making their way to Church services and assist in conveying worshippers, where empty seats exist in their cars. Be blessed as you do this!
  23. ONLINE STRIKING TESTIMONIES. There is no doubt that God is visiting every member with striking testimonies. All who have striking testimonies as a result of their soul winning and other kingdom advancement endeavours are encouraged to share them on the Main Altar, or WSF centre and send such to: BIRMINGHAM.TESTIMONY@WINNERS-CHAPEL.ORG.UK or via WhatsApp to the Pastoral line on 07950353584.
  24. BARFORD STREET CARPARK IS AVAILABLE FOR SUNDAY SERVICES ONLY. Kindly take note, the Barford Street Car park which is about 3Minutes Walk from Church is available to meet our parking needs only during Sunday Services. We are reminded to lock your car, advised to park cars only at the designated car parks for security reasons and obey the traffic officials to avoid parking fines. Thanks for complying!