Our path in destiny is to shine more and more until the perfect day as we take guidance from God, and we must be able to make a sensible decision. God’s plan for us is to do exploits – Micah 2:10, Prov. 4:18. God’s plans for this season is for you and me to be divinely guided. Divine guidance is key to a world of exploit. Without divinely guided, there shall be frustration.

• The world is full of darkness. Full of wicked people – Psa. 74:20.
• When challenges come, you need God to guide you through – Isa. 43:2. Psa. 24:1- the earth is of the Lord
• You need God to lead you for Dominion – Gen. 28:15, Prov. 3:5-6, Isa. 55:9-11.
• When God guides, he guides you into breakthroughs. Every step will take us closer or far away from your exploits – Prov. 3:5-6. Every step we make is either for our advantage or disadvantage.
• Every direction you make its either Helping you or hurting you – Psa. 32:8-10. Only those who are appropriately led can manifest their sonship as Gods – as sons of God; Man is limited.
• In the school of divine guidance, no one can graduate. You cannot be a graduate, always seek enquiry form and wait for God Guidance. There is no graduation in the school of guidance, no graduates in the school of direction and no one is too big to be directed and or guided.

Every child of God is entitled to His voice. A wrong step can lead to a crash; a wrong step can bring one down. Likewise, one right step can lead to unstoppable testimony – John 10:1, John. 2:5. By redemption, we are connected to the family of God. Therefore you are entitled to the voice and leading of God. Every child is entitled to hear the sound of their parents – man or mother; the same way is every child of God entitled to His voice – Psalm 23:1-6, John. 10:1-5, 27. By redemption, we become a member of the household of God – Psa. 100:2, Eph. 2:19, 2 Cor. 5:17-20and, we are connected and entitle to the voice of God.

1. New birth, Salvation. Belong to the family to hear from Him – Rom. 8:14, John. 10:27, Prov. 1:23, John. 1:12.
2. One must remain connected and spiritual – Habkk 2:1-3, Rom 8:6, 1 Cor. 2:14. The day you turn to desire is the day you switch off the connection and become natural. Carnality and Spirituality are enemies. You cannot be one and still be in the other.
3. Desire to be spiritually and divinely guided – Psa. 32:8, Prov. 16:25. For you to hear God, you must be in the Spirit. Ezekiel 2:2
4. You must ask God in prayers for direction. Jeremiah 33:3
5. One must remain in love after the order of Abraham – Isa. 41:8, Gen. 12:1-3, Gen. 18:17-18. Who you love will determine who guides you
6. Praise and worship must be a lifestyle like David – 2Kgs. 3:14-16.

1. It eliminates fear – Deut. 20:8, Prov. 29:24-25. You must be bold and fearless – Psa. 23:1-6
2. It engenders Supernatural breakthroughs like the Apostles – Gal. 2:8. 2Sam. 5:18.
3. Supernatural favour – Neh. 2:8,
4. Conferment of spiritual strength – Judge. 2:16.
5. Supernatural supplies – Isa. 48:21.

It takes walking with God to hear from God. When God speaks, you find Peace that is confirmation of divine guidance – Psa. 85:8.

Jesus increased in wisdom and favour. It means everyone needs to grow in levels of favour. The favour of yesterday took you to where you are today, so you need another dimension of favour for tomorrow. No man can live through life without favour. Even Jesus enjoyed favour – Lk. 2:40, 52.

It means coming into and or giving you unexpected access and resources – Dan. 1:9. Favour makes it become your turn; your name appears repeatedly. Favour is a supernatural force that transforms a man that has favour from fear to fame, from nonentity to some entity, from nonentity to a celebrity, from Egypt to your promised land, from captive to captain, from a wanderer to a wonder, from contention to Peace, from just a person to a personality, from frustration to fulfilment in life. Favour call breaks the protocol.

What you do not qualify for you begin to enjoy it like Joseph – Gen. 39:5-9, 21. It means divine preference. To be preferred to others, for example, David. It means to be supported by the Almighty – Prov.16:15. It means to be divinely approved – Esth. 2:17.

1. Divine guidance. Subscribe to divine guidance. Labour and favour are not the same. Labour does hard work to produce, but favour brings that thing with fewer efforts.
2. Good understanding gives favour.
3. Righteousness and upright lifestyle – Psa. 5:2
4. Have a heart of humility – Jam. 4:6.
5. A Lifestyle of prayer, for example, Jabez – 1 Chron. 4:9-10, Hebr. 4:15-16.
6. You must keep declaring it. You talk your way into favour
7. You continually think of favour.
8. Favour His Kingdom as a steward – Psa. 102:13-15, Psa. 35:27, Matt 6:33. You must love and favour the advancement and enlargement of His Kingdom. You enjoy favour in return of favouring things of the Kingdom like soul winning.
9. Sow seed of favour to receive favour. What you sow is what you reap – Psa. 118:25, 1 Sam. 30. David planted favour when his family was taken to recover.
10. Excellent character – Psa. 5:12.
11. Excellent personal appearance. The way you are dressed is the same way; you will be addressed – Gen 41:14, 1 Sam. 16:8. Joseph shaved and dressed well to appear before the king and favour spoke. Dress for where you are going and not for where you are.
12. Personal mentality and language matters, i.e. choice of words bring favour – 1Sam 25:2-17, 40. It will lead to your favour or disfavour.
13. You get favour through Priestly blessings – Num. 6:22-25, Matt. 10:41.
Jesus is Lord!


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